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Zero Trust just-in-time

PrivX: the passwordless and partly patented PAM

A few days ago, we announced that The United States Patent and Trademarks Office (USPTO) has granted SSH.COM a patent (US10523445), which covers secure passwordless access to hosts in hybrid networks comprising on-premise and cloud resources. This technology is used in our lean privileged access management (PAM) solution called PrivX. We believe in passwordless IT infrastructures As IT workloads m...

Zero Trust just-in-time

Cool PAM with great auditing features and easy acc...

2019 has been an exciting year for privileged access management (PAM): we’ve seen the rise of the Zero Trust framework, recommendations from Gartner analysts towards Just-In-Time (JIT) and Zero Standing Privileges (ZSP) models and our very own lean PAM - PrivX, has steadily evolved to accelerate the industry’s transition to JIT access. Since introducing PrivX in 2018, our aim has been to develop a...

cybersecurity cloud security Zero Trust

5 must-haves for future-proof, multi-cloud privile...

Cloud environments today require modern tools for cloud access management. Traditional PAMs, while useful for enterprises’ on-prem environments, have some limitations where cloud is involved however. Fast-moving cloud teams require elasticity and scalability that modern access management tools can provide. One Fortune 500 company, for example, needed more agility in order to meet their growing dem...

cybersecurity cloud security Zero Trust

Where are you now on your zero trust journey?

Every company has different cybersecurity priorities, but top-level trends tend to bubble up to the top among all organizations. The stage these organizations are at in those trends is what varies from company to company. Some organizations are at the cutting edge of their cybersecurity with the need to protect not just massive amounts of money for financial industries, but also personally identif...

3rd party access PrivX customer Zero Trust

MOST Digital activates Zero Trust access for robot...

MOST Digital has selected SSH.COM’s access management solution, PrivX, to provide its developers and robots with secure access to critical customer assets. MOST Digital applies robotics automation to business processes – from finance and human resources, to CRM and sales – helping its customers to streamline formerly manual processes.

PrivX PAM bypass Zero Trust

PrivX® Free – Access management for zero bucks and...

“The best things in life are free.” We thought that what holds true in life should hold true in IT management as well. Since digital transformation and its sister cloudification have changed the face of IT environments, we’ve developed a product that ups the ante in the access management game. Our PrivX solution enables software and IT teams all over the world and in any business to to gain lean, ...


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