SSH RDP just-in-time remote work

Recent WHO and ZOOM data breaches prove the urgent...

Cyberattacks attacks are on the rise once again. High-profile targets like the World Health Organization (WHO) and their top officials are a lucrative target for hackers.  Also, hackers got hold of 500,000 Zoom user passwords. “This is unprecedented for everyone here. We’re doing what we can to mitigate it” is a direct quote from WHO’s chief information officer (CIO), Bernardo Mariano. He also sta...

SSH RDP just-in-time remote work

How to set up secure remote access for employees w...

IT and system administrators are faced with a dilemma: how to ensure people working from home can access specific internal systems securely. Allowing VPN access is not an ideal solution if access is needed only to a particular Windows application or internal website. Another example of specific access: a remote worker would need to transfer files to/from a Linux/Unix/Windows system that under norm...


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