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April 03, 2018

Anatomy of a Cyber Security Breach and The Second ...

financial services passwords risk management breach phishing WannaCry SSH Key management 3rd party access PAM encrypted channels trusted access cloud security compliance encryption identity and access management secure access encrypted traffic credentialess SSH Keys


July 13, 2017

A Cyberattack "Short Story"

cybersecurity AWS 3rd party access cloud security DLP IoT PAM secure access audit identity and access management compliance trusted access Privileged Access Management WannaCry phishing spear phishing

Written by; John Walsh

March 23, 2016

Cloud Users and Providers’ Security Needs?

CryptoAuditor Privileged Identity Management encrypted channel monitoring cloud security Privileged Access Management PAM encrypted traffic

Cloud adoption is gaining momentum in Hong Kong, driven by both the governmental and private sectors. The rapidly growing cloud adoption does however pose some security concerns. How to, for example, ...

March 02, 2016

“Trust is good, but control is better” –  Thoughts...

CryptoAuditor Privileged Identity Management encrypted channel monitoring cloud security Privileged Access Management PAM encrypted traffic

Internet sources cite Vladimir I. Lenin as the origin of the quote in the title. My history knowledge is not deep enough to tell what was the context of the utterance but I am rather certain that the ...

August 25, 2015

PAM in the Cloud Made Easy

CryptoAuditor trusted access AWS cloud security Privileged Access Management PAM

Cloud computing in Asia Pacific is growing constantly in importance, increasing demand for cloud security. In mid-August, we participated in CloudSec Hong Kong, one of the leading cloud security confe...

August 24, 2015

Auditing Access Control for Amazon Web Services EC...

CryptoAuditor encryption AWS cloud security

What is CryptoAuditor? Modern IT systems are run by third parties – contractors, SaaS and IaaS providers, external administrator companies – to enable businesses to focus on creating value and getting...

August 19, 2015

CEO's Review: "Eventful Summer at SSH!"

trusted access AWS cloud security partners

Contrary to public perception, the world did not stop for the holidays. SSH Communications Security has been moving, expanding and developing with fast pace during the summer and we have facts and fig...

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