SSH.COM signs a significant contract for Universal SSH Key Manager® with a major global retail company

One of the largest retail companies in the world has selected SSH.COM’s Universal SSH Key Manager® product for the centralized key management and access control for its business critical IT infrastructure. The order received includes a software license and maintenance agreement worth USD 2.0 million.

Roughly EUR 1.5 million of the order total will be recognized as revenue during the fourth quarter of 2018.

Universal SSH Key Manager® (UKM) is unique in the marketplace as it is the only full-lifecycle, minimally invasive comprehensive solution that automatically discovers, deploys, rotates, removes, and monitors SSH keys.

Large enterprises may have millions of key pairs authorizing automated access across their development, testing, and production environments. There is no auditability of who can access what or proper termination of access when authorized users leave the organization. Auditors and security specialists are waking up to the fact that authentication keys need the same level of protection, control and auditing as passwords and encryption keys.

“Universal SSH Key Manager is already trusted by numerous leading financial institutions, retailers, and other Fortune 500 companies to bring their entire SSH key inventory under management and ensure their business continuity, reach regulatory compliance, and reduce their threat surface while at the same time improving their operational efficiency. This significant new deal demonstrates the customers’ continued confidence in SSH.COM´s leading expertise in providing a solution to the critical security challenge posed by unmanaged SSH keys.” 
Kaisa Olkkonen, CEO, SSH.COM

This article originally appeared on the SSH.COM stock exchange releases pages.

AuthorJussi Mononen

Jussi is responsible for SSH's strategic and corporate development and investor relations. He is a 30-year IT industry veteran who is old enough to have coded in Fortran and Ada before switching to the business side of things.

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