Cool PAM with great auditing features and easy access to IT assets in the cloud

2019 has been an exciting year for privileged access management (PAM): we’ve seen the rise of the Zero Trust framework, recommendations from Gartner analysts towards Just-In-Time (JIT) and Zero Standing Privileges (ZSP) models and our very own lean PAM - PrivX, has steadily evolved to accelerate the industry’s transition to JIT access.

Since introducing PrivX in 2018, our aim has been to develop a product that is not only secure, but one that also promotes a positive and practical experience.

Read on to discover how PrivX can bring that experience to your organization, be it in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), innovative and cloud-borne R&D teams in large organizations, or early-growth companies.

Always-on logging

Monitor your critical assets with always-on logging to record user activity on every connection established to the asset. Get unimpeachable audit trails with the ability to replay the recorded session, view connection metadata, session-specific audit events and files transferred. There's also keyword search within SSH and SFTP connection transcripts.

Visibility only to authorized resources

Provide customized, manageable and secure access with the need-to-know model, where the identity of all personnel is verified and authorized before granting access to the specific resource.

JIT access with ZSP to cloud & on-prem

Grant one-time access to only the required target system or application, and ensure that no privileged access exists prior to or after the grant of access has expired.

Cut the costs of password vaulting and rotation, and eliminate the need for access key management with ephemeral certificate-based authentication.

Granular access control

Control SSH and RDP traffic by restricting access to specific channels, and limit access to a specific app on your Windows target system when required.

Safe use of shared accounts

Allow safe and audit-able use of shared accounts to access management consoles or target systems without exposing the credentials to the individual users.

Monitor audit events using SIEM & cloud log collectors

Integrate PrivX to your existing monitoring dashboards in external systems such as Splunk, AWS CloudWatch or Azure Event Hub to trigger alerts based on PrivX audit events.

Connect to VPCs securely without additional hardware/software costs

Extend JIT access with ZSP to resources in your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) using PrivX Extender, an add-on component that proxies connections to target systems at no additional cost.

Native-client friendly

Let your end-users continue using native SSH and RDP clients while retaining all the above benefits of provisioning access via PrivX. Based on the PrivX role assigned to them, they can list the allowed/available targets for a speedy connection authorization.

Time to value - One-click, agent-less access to target hosts

Every authorized resource is just one-click away in the PrivX UI with the browser-based SSH & RDP connectivity, along with access to web apps.

With the introduction of a search field in the PrivX home screen, starting connections to authorized resources gets even easier, especially in environments with hundreds or thousands of hosts.

Search within allowed/available targets using protocol, host name, user account or tags and see the status of the service availability right from the search results.

Get the latest PrivX software for free

If you’ve read this far, we’ve likely raised your curiosity about PrivX. So why don’t you take it for a test drive? We offer the full product experience in a browser - with nothing to install - Test Drive Now.

Alternatively, get into specifics of discovering if PrivX truly meets your organization’s needs with a PrivX Free subscription. The license is yours for the lifetime, and provides all features with a usage cap per month.

So, will you take the leap towards making security a positive experience for your developers, admins and third parties? We have and we sure hope that you will with the onset of the new year.

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AuthorMarkku Rossi

Markku Rossi is CTO and responsible for R&D at SSH.COM. Markku was with SSH from 1998-2005 as a Chief Engineer and was a major contributor to the SSH software architecture. Prior to rejoining the company in 2015, he co-founded several companies such as Codento and ShopAdvisor, and served as CTO at Navicore and as Chief Architect at Nokia. He has a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Aalto University.

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