Miikka Sainio

Miikka guides the software architecture and development at SSH. He has over 20 years of experience in IT industry, building teams and developing products in startups and large enterprises.

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immutable infrastructure PrivX

Immutable Infrastructure and admin access – how do...

TL;DR. Cloudification introduces a new level of abstraction to IT environments. One potential game changer is the concept of immutable infrastructure where resources, such as servers, services, or generic infrastructure deployments are not changed after they deployed but the entire setup is discarded and replaced with a new one when needed. What are the benefits and what is the impact of such envi...

PAM Secure Shell governance PAM bypass

5 ways to bypass PAM (Privileged Access Management...

So you have bought your expensive and extensive Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution. Controlling the access of users who deal with the most valuable information in your organization is generally a good idea. Now you are convinced that the access controls of your system administrators, database administrators, M2M connections and DevOps teams are securely in place. Unfortunately, we have ba...


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