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Markku Rossi

Markku Rossi is CTO and responsible for R&D at SSH.COM. Markku was with SSH from 1998-2005 as a Chief Engineer and was a major contributor to the SSH software architecture. Prior to rejoining the company in 2015, he co-founded several companies such as Codento and ShopAdvisor, and served as CTO at Navicore and as Chief Architect at Nokia. He has a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Aalto University.
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Posts By Markku Rossi

cybersecurity cloud security cloudification

In Defense of the “Dumb User” – Are Security Solut...

Despite the best efforts of security providers and users, data breaches continue to proliferate, with 4.1 billion records exposed in data breaches in the first half of 2019 alone. And each time there’s a breach, we go through the same process of trying to figure out who’s to blame. Was it an IT admin, who configured a piece of software incorrectly? Was it a user, who clicked on a link they shouldn...

PAM Secure Shell governance

Malicious SSH client steals credentials masked as ...

Alert Logic researchers have discovered a malicious Secure Shell (SSH) client that uses Domain Name System (DNS) queries to transport Secure Shell login credentials which are stolen when an unsuspecting user provides them on the compromised client computer when connecting to Secure Shell servers. For more details on this malware, please visit Alert Logic’s page. 

Universal SSH Key Manager Privileged Access Management risk management Secure Shell governance

Universal SSH Key Manager® v. 2.3.0 – Mo’ Better K...

There are large numbers (even millions!) of unmanaged access credentials in practically every big enterprise network. Most of these credentials are SSH keys that are often self-provisioned by users. The lack of a central authority to oversee the process of issuing these credentials means there is no way to track credential lifecycles nor to ensure they are created according to policies and regulat...

PAM Secure Shell governance PAM bypass

5 ways to bypass PAM (Privileged Access Management...

So you have bought your expensive and extensive Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution. Controlling the access of users who deal with the most valuable information in your organization is generally a good idea. Now you are convinced that the access controls of your system administrators, database administrators, M2M connections and DevOps teams are securely in place. Unfortunately, we have ba...

open source SSH SSH hack threat Secure Shell governance vulnerability

Holy Seeping SCP!

Numerous IT media outlets, including The Register and Hacker News, reported earlier this week that serious vulnerabilities impacting several SCP (Secure Copy Protocol) clients have been discovered by a Finnish IT security researcher Harry Sintonen.

PAM multi-cloud RBAC

SLAM the door shut on traditional privileged acces...

Did you know that something as trivial-sounding as granting access for your developers or third parties to a product development environment can throw a gorilla-sized monkey wrench into your operations and productivity?

IoT SSH Keys SSH hack threat

The Chalubo botnet is probing enterprises to explo...

New research from Sophos Labs has uncovered a new sophisticated botnet that targets enterprise SSH servers with an advanced combination of brute force attack and encrypted components. Once the bot has gained access, it’s designed to wreak havoc in enterprise networks via coordinated denial-of-service disruption. Chalubo is remarkable for aiming techniques usually associated with attacks on Windows...

Privileged Access Management open source DevOps SSH hack

libssh vulnerability reminds us SSH is everywhere ...

TL;DR – A vulnerability was reported last week in the libssh open source library. We do not use libssh and are not responsible for it. It does not affect SSH.COM software, like Tectia SSH Server/Client. It does not affect OpenSSH as far as we understand. The vulnerability has been patched quickly. All libssh users are advised to upgrade to libssh 0.7.6 or 0.8.4 to eliminate the vulnerability. Find...


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