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Kristina Cairns is Director of Product Marketing for SSH.COM where her mission is to help customers understand how our products can help them protect their most valuable assets. Kristina has also managed a product line of explosives detection equipment used at TSA checkpoints and used to be a combustion engineer for gas turbines used for power generation and aircraft propulsion.
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5 must-haves for future-proof, multi-cloud privile...

Cloud environments today require modern tools for cloud access management. Traditional PAMs, while useful for enterprises’ on-prem environments, have some limitations where cloud is involved however. Fast-moving cloud teams require elasticity and scalability that modern access management tools can provide. One Fortune 500 company, for example, needed more agility in order to meet their growing dem...

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Three tips for managing admin access to your cloud...

As companies’ workloads increasingly move to the cloud, new security concerns arise. Chief among these is making sure your company is prepared to manage access to the sensitive data that resides in the cloud. Traditional privileged access management solutions (PAM) are expensive, and they’re too slow for onboarding and offboarding in multi-cloud environments. Instead, companies need a lean, scalab...

cloudification PrivX customer

What software deployment and maintenance looks lik...

When we talk about simplifying access management tools, we tend to focus a lot on the end user. Developers, for example, often bypass the bulky and hard-to-use privileged access management (PAM) solutions their organization has put in place to secure access to servers and other valuable assets, mainly because they’re interested in working faster. But they’re not the only ones with a need for speed...


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