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Joe Scaff has over 15 years of experience in information security technology and network communications industry. Joe has held various management roles at SSH Communication Security including Technical Sales, Technical support, Professional services. He has a strong technical and managerial background that allows him to deliver strategic solutions to Fortune 500 customers. He is responsible for all US operations.

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encrypted traffic SSH just-in-time

Treat SSH Keys Like Passwords and Police According...

If you think about it, passwords need to be managed just like SSH keys, and that involves three key requirements: The enforcement of complex or long passwords. Some level of enforcement around the rotation of passwords (we can argue the rotation interval can be argued another time). Controls around who has access to the password. Let’s cover each requirement in more detail. Point 1: Complex or lon...

Privileged Access Management SSH Keys passwords SSH hack just-in-time

More IT security headaches for businesses, caused ...

Two more security events occurred, once again caused by having inadequately-secured standing privileges, and unmanaged SSH keys freely roaming around your IT environment. This is exactly why we strongly advocate companies either removing permanent standing privileges (like passwords) or take management of their access credentials (like SSH keys) more seriously.

cybersecurity cloud security Zero Trust

Where are you now on your zero trust journey?

Every company has different cybersecurity priorities, but top-level trends tend to bubble up to the top among all organizations. The stage these organizations are at in those trends is what varies from company to company. Some organizations are at the cutting edge of their cybersecurity with the need to protect not just massive amounts of money for financial industries, but also personally identif...

compliance Universal SSH Key Manager breach risk management PrivX

Mismanaging who has access to sensitive data is as...

We get news about successful hacks, breaches and ransomware basically every week. As a consequence, stock listed companies often see their stock prices plummet, their reputation takes a hit and their brands tarnished. In some cases, the general public might take their business elsewhere. But there’s more to the story of cyber security incidents: a failure to act and report in a timely fashion incr...

compliance Universal SSH Key Manager breach risk management PrivX

Data breaches have a long-lasting impact

Do you remember that infamous Equifax breach? The one where hackers stole the personal information of 147.7 million US citizens? We wrote a blog post about the incident a few years back. Whether or not you remember the case, the first thing you should notice that the case is still relevant – almost two years after it was discovered. One of the reasons is that US authorities have taken a stricter a...


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