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Currently employed by SSH.COM as Content Marketing Director, Jani is a mixed-marketing artist with a strong background in operator and cybersecurity businesses. His career path of translator->-tech writer -> marketer allows him to draw inspiration from different sources and gives him a unique perspective on all types of topics. Connect with me on LinkedIn!
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SSH RDP just-in-time remote work

Recent WHO and ZOOM data breaches prove the urgent...

Cyberattacks attacks are on the rise once again. High-profile targets like the World Health Organization (WHO) and their top officials are a lucrative target for hackers.  Also, hackers got hold of 500,000 Zoom user passwords. “This is unprecedented for everyone here. We’re doing what we can to mitigate it” is a direct quote from WHO’s chief information officer (CIO), Bernardo Mariano. He also sta...

Zero Trust just-in-time remote work

Make remote work fast & secure for admins, devs an...

For obvious reasons, a vast majority of your system administrators, DevOps teams and software engineers are forced to adopt remote work habits right now. They are called privileged users for a reason, since they access to business-critical databases and maintain IT infrastructures. But are security controls under threat now that this shift was so sudden? The same applies to non-privileged users as...

Gartner PAM just-in-time

Gartner: standing privileges in IT are a risk

How many years has the cybersecurity industry talked about “the password problem”? And how many years has the conclusion always been the same: passwords are one of the weakest links in the cybersecurity chain. They are always either too simple, stolen or lost. Or they become too complex to remember. But everybody has to use them. Right? Think again. We can’t claim to be able to eliminate all the p...

3rd party access cloudification PrivX customer

Free access solution for freelance developers and ...

Just over two months ago, we launched PrivX Free – a fully-featured access management gateway to multi-cloud and on-prem IT environments with a twist. The twist, of course, is that PrivX is precisely what the name promises: free. The interest in the product has been overwhelming with the number of registered users growing day by day. Below is a bit of a breakdown of who uses PrivX Free, what are t...


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