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    Anatomy of a Cyber Security Breach and The Second Law of Thermodynamics

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    Financial Security Crisis Looming in 2018...The Perfect Storm is Coming

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key management, pci dss, universal ssh key manager

Black Blob of Death Threatens Data Center Security
By Jason Thompson on August 18, 2014

Researchers at SSH Communications Security recently uncovered a serious security vulnerability that impacts data centers in the vast majority of banks and financial institutions. Okay, so...

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key management, openssh, universal ssh key manager

Backdoor SSH Root Key Snafus Much More Common Than You Think
By Jason Thompson on July 3, 2014

It appears as though a hard-wired Secure Shell private key has created a bit of a kerfuffle for folks running Cisco's VoIP manager. This one made it in the headlines but because the...

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key management, universal ssh key manager

Key Based Trust from a Process-Driven Goalkeeper's Perspective
By Matthew McKenna on March 17, 2014

Like for any goalkeeper, the worse thing - other than a torn ACL - is getting scored on. During my playing days, I was obsessed with the concept of how to organize my defense in a way to...

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