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Third-Party Access Management Fuels SSH Expansion in Southeast Asia

By Tommi Lampila on April, 28 2016
Tommi Lampila

Vice President, APACTommi serves as Vice President, APAC and is responsible for sales, business development and channel operations for the region. During his 15 years at the company, Tommi has worked as a product manager for multiple network encryption, authentication, and security management solutions.

Prior to SSH Communications Security, Tommi was an Information Management Engineer at Rautaruukki, a large Finnish steel corporation. He has an masters degree in engineering from the Tampere University of Technology, Finland and carries a CISSP certification.


The growing demand for our CryptoAuditor and Universal SSH Key Manager solutions prompted us to expand our footprint in Asia by opening an office in Singapore early this year. The Singapore office is our regional hub for the high-growth Southeast Asian market. 

Singapore has grown and developed in a remarkable fashion since my student years there in the early 1990’s. Much of the development is evident to the naked eye, with new high-rises, an expanding MRT system, and other construction catching the eye on every visit.

There is, however, much more going on under the nation’s “hood”. Along with the physical construction, Singapore has been actively building cybersecurity capabilities into its national IT infrastructure and ecosystem. The government is transforming the country into a “Smart Nation”, with citizens harnessing technology to improve their lives, and many businesses and services are moving to the cloud. The rapid growth of cloud computing requires enterprises to have assurance and trust in cloud security. Businesses and government agencies require the ability to safeguard their cloud deployments by being able to monitor, control, and audit traffic to and from the cloud. These requirements present a clear market opportunity for the CryptoAuditor solution that enables real-time and in-line traffic monitoring for on-premise, hybrid, and cloud environments. 

Singapore leads its region in infrastructure and cybersecurity capabilities but it also is a regional leader in strong security compliance mandates that safeguard businesses. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has established a robust Technology Risk Management framework that drives the adoption of best practices for managing technology and operational risks within the financial market. SSH Communications Security has worked with many financial service institutions to implement the MAS requirements as they relate to access controls, auditing capabilities, and SSH key management within their complex IT environments.  

Continued growth in cybersecurity is definitely underway and we are already seeing other nations following Singapore’s lead as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam are also developing their own national cybersecurity strategies and compliance mandates. 

SSH Communications Security has been doing business in Singapore for over a decade and the Singapore market continues to be key to our success in the APAC region. With our new office in Singapore we are able to better support our local and regional customers, partners and channel business.

Please contact us to learn more about our solutions and how we can help you secure your information and ensure your compliance status. 

Contact information:

SSH Communications Security, Singapore office

Level 15, 137 Market Street

048943 Singapore

Tel: +65 6809 3826

Email: info.sg@ssh.com

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