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PAM in the Cloud Made Easy

By Tommi Lampila on August, 25 2015
Tommi Lampila

Vice President, APACTommi serves as Vice President, APAC and is responsible for sales, business development and channel operations for the region. During his 15 years at the company, Tommi has worked as a product manager for multiple network encryption, authentication, and security management solutions.

Prior to SSH Communications Security, Tommi was an Information Management Engineer at Rautaruukki, a large Finnish steel corporation. He has an masters degree in engineering from the Tampere University of Technology, Finland and carries a CISSP certification.

Cloud computing in Asia Pacific is growing constantly in importance, increasing demand for cloud security. In mid-August, we participated in CloudSec Hong Kong, one of the leading cloud security conferences in Asia Pacific. 
At the bustling conference, I gave a presentation on the topic of “Encryption in the Cloud: A Two-Edged Sword!” and met many industry professionals from Hong Kong. They would no doubt agree that encryption is the key to protect sensitive data in the cloud. But not all were aware that, in the ever-changing cloud space, when encryption is not effectively managed, it can potentially put organizations at risk. I shared proven facts and real cases about the encrypted traffic blind spot, and how to counter it with forward-looking privileged access auditing.



To address the shift of cloud penetration, SSH has launched the next-generation Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution for the cloud environments of our customers. Clearmanage, a Singapore-based cloud service provider, recently deployed our PAM solution CryptoAuditor to fulfill its stringent audit requirements and provide PAM for their own infrastructure. Clearmanage is now offering comprehensive audit and monitoring services, utilizing CryptoAuditor’s integration into its cloud service platform. Check out the success story.

We have more deployment cases for CryptoAuditor in the cloud to share with industry professionals. If you want to understand more about the risks and solutions of privileged access management in the cloud, feel free to contact our APAC team or fill the form below to request an evaluation license right now:

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