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Introducing the Universal SSH Key Manager appliance

By Roman Hernandez on September, 15 2015
Roman Hernandez

Solutions Manager, Universal SSH Key Manager
Roman has been with SSH Communications Security for over 10 years and has held various positions of increasing responsibility in R&D and product management. Currently, Roman is the Solutions Manager for the Universal SSH Key Manager product line and works hand-in-hand with Fortune 500 and Global 2000 IT security teams to ensure access to their critical data centers is secure and compliant. Prior to joining the company, he worked at Microsoft where he designed and developed software to automate scalability testing of the Passport (now Microsoft account) authentication service. Roman holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in Monterrey, Mexico and a Master of Science degree in Telecommunications Software from Aalto University in Finland.

Enterprises often have more Secure Shell identities than employees, and just as with employees, there must be a central management entity tasked with oversight of those identities.

Universal SSH Key Manager is the only enterprise-grade access control and management system specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of complex Secure Shell environments. With Universal SSH Key Manager, organizations gain visibility over who has access to what and when, enabling remediating actions as well as establishing ongoing operational management processes along with key rotation, revocation and other policies that are in compliance with even the strictest standards, without disrupting daily business. 


Universal SSH Key Manager is

  • Non-disruptive: analyze the existing SSH environment and take already existing keys under control, implementing the NIST recommended process of Discover – Monitor – Lockdown – Remediate – Manage
  • Affordable: More cost-effective and a faster approach to solving SSH key management issues than PKI systems
  • Compatible: Works seamlessly also with OpenSSH, across a broad range of platforms
  • Compliant: Enables compliance with NIST 800-53, MAS, PCI-DSS, others

Enterprise network environments are large and complex, and deploying new components easily introduces new risks to business continuity. At SSH, our special focus is on ensuring our products are quick to deploy and migrate to, requiring no agents to be installed on potentially thousands of Unix-hosts in the network. Previous versions of Universal SSH Key Manager required setting up and maintaining software installations, leading our customers to ask for a virtual appliance that is flexible, scalable, easy to set up and above all, highly portable to different environments - be it on premise or in cloud.

Today, we're happy to announce availability of Universal SSH Key Manager appliance that enables ramping up proof-of-concept projects in no time at all. Deployment takes about 15 minutes and then network administrators have access to a friendly graphical interface and dashboard for discovering and managing their SSH key environment.

To get started, fill out the request form and you will receive the installer, license and evaluation guide over email immediately. At this time, the trial consists of the stand-alone virtual appliance supporting agentless discovery and management of up to 25 Unix/Linux hosts. For further options and Windows host support, please contact our Sales team.

Click Here to Request Evaluation License for Universal SSH Key Manager

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