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Cloud Users and Providers’ Security Needs?

By Ricky Ho on March, 23 2016
Ricky Ho

Ricky Ho is the Regional Director of SSH Communications Security in the APAC region and is responsible for business development and sales within the region. Prior to joining SSH Communications Security, Ricky has built a remarkable career in information security in the APAC region, and was the Regional Director at McAfee for the Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau markets. In this role, Ricky was responsible for developing the regional sales and marketing strategy, expanding the channel community, and managing customer satisfaction. Before joining McAfee, Ricky served as the regional Managing Director in companies such as TippingPoint and Fortinet. He has also served as the Country Manager of NetApp. Ricky holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and Business with honors from the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Canada.

Cloud adoption is gaining momentum in Hong Kong, driven by both the governmental and private sectors. The rapidly growing cloud adoption does however pose some security concerns. How to, for example, address the monitoring of encrypted privileged access in the cloud is a key concern for many.

To address data security for on-premise and in-cloud environments, encryption is used to both protect and control access. While encrypted connections are a security necessity, they also pose potential problems because the encryption can blind the network security systems and may thus mask malicious activity or data leakage. As a result of how the environments are designed and where encryption is utilized results in some very important security and access questions which need to be considered:

  1. How can cloud-using organizations make sure their sensitive data on third-party servers is safe and well monitored?
  2. How can cloud service providers control and audit interactive and automated encrypted traffic to, from, and within the cloud?
  3. Can all of this be done without degrading user experience and the streamlined automated processes which have already been put in place?

In the face of these concerns, SSH Communications Security has formed a strategic partnership with ReadySpace, a leading cloud service provider in Hong Kong. Together we empower secure cloud services by leveraging SSH Communication Security’s CryptoAuditor solutions, which provides a non-intrusive way to monitor, control, and audit privileged access (read more from our press release).


The CryptoAuditor solution was launched 3 years ago and since then, its usage has grown significantly across different vertical industries within Hong Kong including; financial services, governmental agencies, and educational institutions to name a few. CryptoAuditor has enabled businesses across various industries to meet the evolving security and compliance requirements in both cloud and on-premise environments.

Through the partnership with ReadySpace, we can cater to our customers’ security needs and provide proactive cloud security measures. ReadySpace’s cloud users are able to:

  • Inspect encrypted protocols such as SSH, RDP, SSL and SFTP
  • Monitor, control, and audit administrator sessions, third-party access and file transfers with inline, real-time, and transparent audit capabilities
  • Review and replay activities in real time or historically to provide audit data for research or investigation activities

SSH Communications Security and ReadySpace are pleased to offer a free CryptoAuditor demo on how we can help you to monitor privileged access in the cloud.

Contact us to arrange a demo!



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