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CEO's Review: "Eventful Summer at SSH!"

By Harri Koponen on August, 19 2015
Harri Koponen

Chief Executive OfficerHarri brings extensive experience from the technology sector to SSH Communications Security together with strong skills in operations, sales, and in leading companies and organizations.

Prior to joining the company, Harri was the CEO of NPTV, a cloud-based interactive TV software company, board member at Stonesoft (a security software company that was acquired by McAfee), and prior to that the COO of Rovio Entertainment, creating the global merchandising and licensing business of their Angry Birds brand.

Harri has a vast global network in industry and government having been President and CEO of three major telecommunications companies, Sonera (Finland), Wataniya (Kuwait), and Tele2 (Sweden). He has also lived in the United States for several years serving as Managing Director of Sony Ericsson (North and Central America) and Head of Ericsson Consumer Products Division for North America. Prior to that, he worked as the global account executive for AirTouch, Vodafone, and Sonera at Ericsson, and in the early 1990s ran HP's telecom global sales for Sonera.

Harri holds an eMBA from the University of Helsinki and has Ph.D. h.c. (Economics) from the University of Jyväskylä.

Contrary to public perception, the world did not stop for the holidays. SSH Communications Security has been moving, expanding and developing with fast pace during the summer and we have facts and figures to show for it.  
Our vision is based on making sure the flow of business is not interrupted by the ever increasing need for security in the data space. Business flow must be uninterrupted while the reliability and resilience of the security solutions keep improving. 

Our goal of driving the evolution of trusted access has been well received in the market. We have made significant advances to make our products more easily available and easier to purchase and download in different environments. For example we have taken serious steps in bringing our security know-how into the cloud environment as shown by our entry into the Amazon AWS marketplace.

We are also working diligently on complementing our current product portfolio to fulfill more fully our customers’ needs for secure, trustworthy access and access management to their business critical data. We are investigating and developing new partnerships to round out our offering to better reply to the needs of our customers. Together with our new partners we can build a platform that provides the level of trusted access that is demanded now and in the future.

Let me also welcome our new Tokyo office into the fold. Servicing our partners’ needs in the Japanese market, we will look into expanding our footprint and role in that important market to better reflect the interest and position we have already generated.


We have also taken steps to drive compliance issues even more aggressively than before. Fouad Khalil is now working out of our Boston office and will be bringing added expertise on compliance issues within our organization.

As summer winds down and starts to turn into fall, we’ll keep our momentum going and take advantage of the growing interest in the marketplace. We are ready to reply to the ever expanding needs of our customers – now and in the future.

Harri Koponen
CEO, SSH Communications Security


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