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SSH Blog

Jan 04 2016

Shared Account Password and Key Management – Is There an Easier Way?

This blog is a continuation of my earlier blog “Plug and Play or Plug and Pain” on Privileged Access Management (PAM), posted on December 16, 2015. I will dive a bit deeper now into the problem of shared account password and key management and give pointers how SSH’s CryptoAuditor and Universal SSH Key Manager solutions address it.

Shared Account Password Management (SAPM) is a product category of Privileged Access Management (PAM) recognized by many analysts, vendors, and customers.

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Dec 16 2015

Plug and Play or Plug and Pain? How to Manage Privileged Access Effectively without Pain?

So you have a problem with privileged access? Whether it is your own employees accessing critical production systems on a daily basis, or third-party system vendors who need occasional access to maintain the systems, or whether it is machine identities that use privileged accounts for running automated jobs, the underlying problem is the same: Privileged accounts, exactly because of their higher privileges, present a risk and the access to them needs to be controlled and monitored. This is also mandated by several laws and industry regulations.

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Nov 20 2015

HIPAA/HITECH! Another Tidal Wave – Does Anyone Remember Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX-404)?

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Nov 16 2015

Moving in the Right Direction in Secure Smart Nation and Cities

In October, SSH Communications Security joined two conferences in Singapore: GovernmentWare and Cloud Expo Asia. The hot topics at both events were around Smart Nation, aligning with cloud adoption. Singapore’s Smart Nation vision seeks to improve living, transport, healthcare, environment and business, as well as address growing urban challenges powered by ICT, networks and big data.

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Nov 03 2015

IT'S OFFICIAL - Security for Secure Shell Is A NIST Publication (7966)!!

In 1995 the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol was invented and it soon became the gold standard for data-in-transit security.  Today Secure Shell is one of the most widely used protocols in the world.  In an effort to shed the light on SSH and to ensure organizations are aware of SSH key based access, Tatu Ylonen along with key leaders in the industry partnered with NIST to publish NISTIR 7966.


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Oct 16 2015

How to Further Enhance Security Monitoring of Your Vblock System

Security is a major focus point at VCE. Every Vblock™ System shipped contains built-in security features. Now that security is even further bolstered with a tested and validated, Vblock™ Ready solution from SSH Communications Security. In partnership VCE and SSH introduced a new degree of security hardening with checks and balances across the virtualized workload environment.  

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Sep 26 2015

Assess Your PCI Compliance Before a QSA does!

As with any compliance framework we face, and we know many exist today, it is best we assess our state of compliance before an auditor arrives at the proverbial door.  PCI DSS is one framework many payment organizations are dealing with on a day to day basis to help protect and safeguard their customerspayment information.

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Sep 18 2015

Year 2015 marks SSH's 20 years of hard work and success

This year, SSH Communications Security celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Secure Shell protocol, which was invented by our Chief Innovation Officer Tatu Ylönen. Our history makes us one of the pioneers of cybersecurity, but our innovative thinking keeps us in the forefront of the field.

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Sep 15 2015

Introducing the Universal SSH Key Manager appliance

Enterprises often have more Secure Shell identities than employees, and just as with employees, there must be a central management entity tasked with oversight of those identities.

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Sep 01 2015

Administrator Session Auditing for the VCE Vblock System

You may have heard that CryptoAuditor is now certified as VCE Vblock Ready. Here's what it means in a nutshell:

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